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Reflexology is an alternative medicine involving gentle small muscle movements primarily thumbs and fingers to create a variety of systematic pressures to specific zones within the feet that in return produce an effect elsewhere in the body. Reflexology is a relaxing therapy that helps promote improved function of organs, glands, and all systems of the body.


The heat from an infrared sauna penetrates body tissue to a depth of 2-3 inches, reaching deep into muscle to soothe and relax much more efficiently than a conventional sauna. The sauna supports the removal of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, immune system activity, regenerates skin (which is the largest elimination organ), improve circulation and oxygenation, powerful lymph movement for improved drainage, and often pain relief from muscular and skeletal issues.


(Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Massage, Deep Tissue)
Massage therapy has proven to promote health and wellness! We offer a variety of therapeutic massages from our licensed professionals that is custom to your specific needs.

ST-8 Lymph Detox

The ST-8 Lymph Massage is an hour long therapy that uses specific frequencies to influence the energetic patterns of infections. It helps with the removal of unnatural additives in our food, including steroids. It also aids in proper lymphatic drainage and helps bring stagnant lymph path- ways to life, building an immunological barrier to disease.

Ozone Sauna

Ozone (activated oxygen) is introduced into a special steam cabinet and absorbed through your skin. The positive benefits of oxygenation and detoxification therapy may include: allergies, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, autoimmune disease, CFS, cancer, candida, herniated disc, IBS, infections, lyme disease, meniscal tears, joint disorders, shingles, and more!

Ionic Foot Bath

The IonSpa ionic foot bath operates through electrolysis which releases negative ions that reverberate throughout the body to remove toxins and rebalance cellular energy. The ions are powerful antioxidants, pH balancers and catalyst most responsible for ATP production; our bodies greatest energy resource.

Chi Machine

Fifteen minutes on a chi machine is equivalent to an hour lymph massage! Benefits can include; relief of neck, back, muscle and joint pain; oxygenation of cells and stimulation of circu- lation; lymphatic drainage of toxins; immune system support; reduction of stress, fatigue and insomnia; exercise for internal organs and increase in energy.

LENS Therapy

(Low Energy Neurofeedback System) – LENS works by reduction and or elimination of symptoms of the Central Nervous System. Sensors are applied to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. We process the signal by computer, and extract information about key brainwave frequencies. Through a patented process, we then bring this information back to the client down the sensor wires to the person’s skin.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy

Pulsing magnetic fields create moving energy waves in the body which provide the following benefits and more: eliminates pain and inflammation; supports deep rejuvination; sleep; increases energy; supports strong, healthy bones; supports body to heal and regenerate; improves circulation and heart health.
(PEMF is FDA approved).

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